Emilio Isgrò (Italy)

Painter, Poet & Novelist
Playwright and Director
One of the most highly acclaimed figures of Italian art on an international level

Enzo Migneco (Italy)

Painter & Sculpture Artist
1980, He inaugurates his first graphic exhibition which is hosted at Palazzo Sormani in Milan;
1999 April, he was awarded the Santhià National Painting Prize;
2000 April, he was awarded the Antonello da Messina prize for the Figurative Arts in Rome.

Mauro Benetti (Italy)

In 1986, he held his first personal exhibition at the Giorgio Persano Gallery in Turin;
He has been contributing to international galleries and museums with important personal participations, also taking part in a large number of group exhibitions.

Giovanni Truncellito (Italy)

Architect, Painter & Musician
Since 1994, he has been teaching architectonical composition at the school of Architecture in Rome's university La Sapienza;
He has worked redesigning private residences, designing for the theatre stage;
He has restored the Rossini theatre in Rome and the antechapel of Saint Caterina of Siena;
He has also participated in exhibitions in various Italian cities and abroad;
Awarded the Silver Plaque of the Italian President of the Republic.

Dalia Gallico (Italy)

President of Fashion and Design Faculty, University San Raffaele Roma;
Director for ART LAB, strategic laboratory for Municipality of Milan for Art and Exhibitions in Royal Palace.